Jessica Irwin is an artist, illustrator, author, musician, photographer, and web designer. Jessica also has some physical limitations. Her mind and eyes are the only things that she has full control over due to her Cerebral Palsy.
Research undertaken by Dr Jordan Nguyen and his visionary team at Psykinetic has led to the development of a music tool – Atmosphere – that enables Jessica to play instruments, create harmonies and trigger samples by eye-control.
This ground-breaking technology that has enabled an unprecedented creative collaboration involving Steve Balbi and Jessica Irwin, having brought together their exceptional experiences of life at the margins to reimagine the song ‘Winners’, which first appeared on Balbi’s debut solo LP – Black Rainbow (2013).
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Winners [Psykinetic Mix]

Release Date : April 16, 2018
Artist : Steve Balbi ft. Jessica Irwin
Catalog ref. : SFR0076
Format : Digital Download